I nearly died

No regrets! That I realise is my motto. I didn’t choose it, I didn’t force it on myself,I realised this morning that I have accepted everything that happens not exactly with joy but with acceptance of the reality. With acceptance comes the realisation of no regrets. I can longer sit at a table, cut up my own food, walk my dog. I have rubber handled spoons and forks depending on what I am eating out of a bowl. Sounds awful but it isn’t that’s just me adapting to reality. The same with my sight loss. My eyes have never been … Continue reading I nearly died

Today I am in twilight

Waiting for noon. I pray at noon every day. Just a simple prayer but part of my spiritual discipline. I have been up for five hours. I am tired already. I was tired when I woke up and I’m still tired, maybe in another ten hours I might not feel exhausted. My head aches. It feels as though my very bones ache. Just a normal day. What is really unhelpful is when people say to me you are looking well. That’s the problem. They see me sitting in an armchair putting on a bit of an act and when they … Continue reading Today I am in twilight