I’ve just finished two books about people experiencing heaven. The first by a Catholic Priest called, To Heaven and Back : The Journey of a Roman Catholic Priest is by Fr John Tourangeau. The second recommended in the first is Heaven is for Real : Both were from Audible as I can no longer read books due to lack of eyesight and physical weakness. This second book is from a Protestant Pastor telling the story of his four year old son’s experience. I was frustrated by the first and inspired by the second. Now like all these stories a healthy … Continue reading Heaven

The Secret Trick for Peace?

Like a sunbeam breaking into darkness so does the Spirit draw our attention to a certain verse in the Bible. That happened to me this morning at the Mass readings. I heard these words as though for the very first time in my life, even though I already knew them, “You must love your neighbour as yourself. Love doesn’t do anything wrong to a neighbor; therefore, love is what fulfills the Law. Love doesn’t do anything wrong to a neighbour or Love is the one thing that cannot hurt your neighbour. What a lesson is to be found in that … Continue reading The Secret Trick for Peace?

A Must Read if you use Twitter

We forget this so often don’t we? We tick off our Mass attendance, Rosary, Lectio Divina, our prayers for others and think well done? But is this not just our duty as servants of the Lord where and how can we congratulate ourselves for doing only what is required of us? Our servanthood is just the beginning of obeying the will of the Father? Do we not pray, thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven”? Just the beginning, not the end. We will never have time to rest this side of death it is only after … Continue reading A Must Read if you use Twitter

Struggles or Why Fight?

The last few days have been a bit of a struggle. Trying very hard to work out what I feel about certain things in relation to the Church. I dislike the focus online of fighting between what appear to be Catholic factions. As, basically, a newcomer I am distressed. It all seems so trivial and one of the things that drove me out of Protestantism was incessant bickering. Are we not called to unity? Surely it is sufficient that we share One Creed, Our Father, Hail Mary and the Mass? As we work out our salvation in fear and trembling … Continue reading Struggles or Why Fight?

Sunday Musings

How I miss not being able to attend church at least on a Sunday. However that is now my housebound life so I just have to suck it up. Thank goodness for the way the Lord hearing my prayer led me to find Churchservices.tv what a joy filled blessing that has been I settled into one parish where I go daily. I read all about the parish and support them practically as well. All this in addition to the excellent care from my actual parish. Many years ago now knowing I wasn’t getting better but worse I found the Lord … Continue reading Sunday Musings

The Exaltation of the Cross

This is the feast today. In the Office of Readings today is some fragments from St Andrew of Crete. It was so good I felt I wanted to share it : We are celebrating the feast of the cross which drove away darkness and brought in the light. As we keep this feast, we are lifted up with the crucified Christ, leaving behind us earth and sin so that we may gain the things above. So great and outstanding a possession is the cross that he who wins it has won a treasure. Rightly could I call this treasure the … Continue reading The Exaltation of the Cross

Secret Catholic

Although my reception into the Catholic Church was done secretly and remains secret even to this day from certain family members and others, I nevertheless despite some opposition decided to make my home as Catholic as was possible. In the entrance hall is a small crucifix fixed to the wall. I touch it daily with prayer as though it were a mezuzah in Jewish home. Each room bar one has a crucifix or icon so that my eyes my fall on them frequently to remind me to offer prayer and praise. A cross beside my bed a rosary hangs on … Continue reading Secret Catholic

Dragon Breath Kissing

I write this on an iPad an index finger away from my left eye. I am left handed so I am holding it in my right hand which is the side of my body that is weak because of neuropathy. It gets very heavy and very painful doing it this way. Still I must write I have had the compulsion to write since I was eight years old. Without writing life is strange, something missing. Fortunately my entire working life (ended when I was 47) had allowed me to write and study. Even the last twenty years have been full … Continue reading Dragon Breath Kissing