Sunday Musings

How I miss not being able to attend church at least on a Sunday. However that is now my housebound life so I just have to suck it up. Thank goodness for the way the Lord hearing my prayer led me to find what a joy filled blessing that has been I settled into one parish where I go daily. I read all about the parish and support them practically as well. All this in addition to the excellent care from my actual parish. Many years ago now knowing I wasn’t getting better but worse I found the Lord … Continue reading Sunday Musings

Hey Up A Political Post!

Not really just a worried patient. This whole no deal Brexit terrifies me on a human level but I will leave it all in the hands of the Lord, so it will be as it should be. I trust. Anyway I take a lot of medication I take it for pain, depression, diabetes, asthma and more. So what about my insulin it’s made in the EU and not in the UK, will my insulin disappear, probably! Can it be stock piled, no it can’t? Sigh, loss of any of these medications will be a major desperate problem for me. Do … Continue reading Hey Up A Political Post!

Dying will be the easy part

Not again! I’m old, I gave this all up, but here I am drawn back again to blogging. Why? A deep need to communicate, a compulsion to write I can’t resist. So again I venture forth. It must be nearly twenty years since I first blogged. Sigh. It’s so much harder now I am disabled and losing my sight. I really ought not to do this so don’t read this, please. That will teach me a lesson! So let’s get the introductions out of the way. I am a pensioner. A Grandfather. Husband. A Catholic. That should be enough to … Continue reading Dying will be the easy part