Hey Up A Political Post!

Not really just a worried patient. This whole no deal Brexit terrifies me on a human level but I will leave it all in the hands of the Lord, so it will be as it should be. I trust. Anyway I take a lot of medication I take it for pain, depression, diabetes, asthma and more. So what about my insulin it’s made in the EU and not in the UK, will my insulin disappear, probably! Can it be stock piled, no it can’t? Sigh, loss of any of these medications will be a major desperate problem for me. Do … Continue reading Hey Up A Political Post!

Catholic Twitter

What a joy it is to share on #CatholicTwitter as a housebound (for the most part) person and the only catholic convert in my family it is proving a great blessing. So often posters say to me “Welcome Home”! That’s exactly how I feel after spending decades in the unsatisfying desert of Protestantism where I always felt ill at ease even as clergyman. How great and good God is to us all. From Catholic Twitter I have received this morning some of the prayer cards from St Theresa’s visit to Cardin. A rosary is also promised from another user. What … Continue reading Catholic Twitter

Monday Exhaustion

Wow. I am worn out. We have and are still having a run of birthdays, my mother in law is 101 and yesterday my Mother turned 90. Being housebound is hard sometimes but I see it as a blessing, more on that later. Our house has been busy busy busy, Today we have another birthday my eldest granddaughter turns 10, Meanwhile we are caring for our currently youngest granddaughter who is all of nine months. All these celebrations (there were many more) make keeping my blood glucose levels under control more difficult than it ought to be. I have been … Continue reading Monday Exhaustion

Anxiety is high

This morning I have started on Insulin. I must confess to be more than a little on edge. At least it shouldn’t have any side effects. I woke up really early to take it and that hasn’t helped. I take badly to very nag knocked out of my carefully crafted routine that allows me to make it through the day. The teachers are back today but not the children they go back on Thursday. We have children to look after all day. One is autistic albeit high functioning and very intelligent but loving him dearly it is still a thought. … Continue reading Anxiety is high

I nearly died

No regrets! That I realise is my motto. I didn’t choose it, I didn’t force it on myself,I realised this morning that I have accepted everything that happens not exactly with joy but with acceptance of the reality. With acceptance comes the realisation of no regrets. I can longer sit at a table, cut up my own food, walk my dog. I have rubber handled spoons and forks depending on what I am eating out of a bowl. Sounds awful but it isn’t that’s just me adapting to reality. The same with my sight loss. My eyes have never been … Continue reading I nearly died

I am a Prisoner

I am a prisoner. I am locked upstairs in the house. We have a painter in for two whole days. Now such an event would be of little concern to ordinary folk. For me it means pain, anxiety and discomfort. Let me explain. Over the past few years I have had to deal with a great deal of pain partly due to neuropathy due to my diabetes and partly unknown but possibly decades of steroids haven’t helped. Prescription painkillers do very little to help. Think about an ordinary chocolate bar 🍫 and remove one square. This is the level of … Continue reading I am a Prisoner