Secret Catholic

Although my reception into the Catholic Church was done secretly and remains secret even to this day from certain family members and others, I nevertheless despite some opposition decided to make my home as Catholic as was possible. In the entrance hall is a small crucifix fixed to the wall. I touch it daily with prayer as though it were a mezuzah in Jewish home. Each room bar one has a crucifix or icon so that my eyes my fall on them frequently to remind me to offer prayer and praise. A cross beside my bed a rosary hangs on … Continue reading Secret Catholic

Challenging Your Doctor

Amitriptyline. This is an old style antidepressant now used mainly for dealing with pain, particularly  that caused by neuropathy. I had been given the other two drugs that have been found to be effective for neuropathy but the side effects outweighed the benefit. This post is about your treatment for depression, I wanted to share some thoughts. Make sure you read everything you can about what you are taking and what it can do to you, This is important and remember this is your body, your mind and you have a say in what happens to you at all times. … Continue reading Challenging Your Doctor