God IS

I’m not sure what this actually means for me but I have this phrase in my head all the time, during the reading of The Interior Castle. I can add anything to it like the word Love for example but that us not what I hear rather it is the profoundly deep understanding that God IS.

I suppose it is as mysterious as “I AM”. It is a definitive statement about reality, God IS.

Whether we like it or not God IS and whatever He wills comes to pass. Do not sink here into the idea of fatalism or worse try to imagine God as sone superhuman who can be persuaded of anything. He IS who He IS. Anything we grasp of Him is no more than a grain of sand in an infinite desert. We know nothing of what is being worked out by the God who IS.

We may fumble around trying futilely to pigeon hole or pocket God. We can’t, we can no more comprehend Him than a single cell can comprehend the Cosmos.

Everything exists in Him at all times. We know nothing no matter how hard we try, it is futile. Striving to know or contain the one who IS, is pointless.

What we do know is that in utterly surrendering to Him we are raised up and know we are loved.

In Him we move, live and have our being in this short time we draw breath. Our Plans are futile in surrendering we give it all to God and let Him work through us to be part of a picture so large we cannot even see it.

In the words of Julian of Norwich, “All will be well, all manner of things will be well.”

“For her God allows evil, sin and suffering because God will use them in the end to create for everyone a deeper mode of happiness than they would have experienced if sin, evil and suffering hadn’t been there. In the end, these negatives will work towards creating some deeper positives.”

Fr Ronald Rolheiser (Catholic Herald, January 2018)

Because God IS