Reflections on a Sunday

When I became too ill to work (twenty years ago) the desire to serve God in a public way never left me. I engaged as I was able in running a couple of websites and talking a lot on email groups and to individuals.

After I was received into the Catholic Church I let it fall away and arranged to cancel all my hosting activities and settled in to a more contemplative style of life.

However I was drawn to blogging after reading a few blogs about sight loss and living with it. So I started to blog and to talk about these things but of course The Lord had other ideas (in my life that has invariably been the case) and of course I am now blogging mainly about faith matters.

How could I not? It is the most important all consuming centre of my life. My cup runneth over, in word and in deeds because I find it really, really impossible not to talk about Christianity.

Yes I have multiple interests but being a Catholic Christian is so much more than an interest it is, to use a well known phrase, the very ground of my being. It fills my thoughts day and night, the fire consumes me and the closer I get to the end of my life the more I am consumed by love, a love that is refining me and allowing me to see the stains on my soul that only the purifying love of God can make clean.

Wherever you are on your own personal journey of faith keep going it is worth it, as for me I can’t wait to see what lies ahead knowing He will never abandon me.

Be gentle, be kind, focus solely on the goal not on how you will get there.

(p.s. yes that’s me)

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