Never lose focus

Sometimes I just want to fling open my Bible and write another sermon. Sadly that isn’t going to ever happen as I can no longer read physical books or indeed study anything for very long. This little cross I have to bear. I do so gladly. But I loved expository preaching.

The single most important message of course is always Jesus and our required response to him.

We start by seeing He who created all hanging on the cross on a Friday. Dying for our sins, dying for love, giving all in surrender.

Now consider our response to the Lord. Are we prepared to surrender all to him? Or at the very least try? This is the way to heaven. Along the way try not to take your eyes off the straight and narrow way if you do you will end up stumbling. How do you know when you stumble and stray? Might I suggest an honest searching of your soul?

Think of the humble poverty of the Lord of Hosts in his condescension. Then measure yourself against that if you find you are concerned with what the priest is wearing or the hat someone wears, you have stumbled.

Look not to judge others look after your own soul. Sooner than we realise our very short lives are over, fallen like the leaves in autumn.

We stand before God, carried by angels, as we tremble, what do you think will be important then?

I have an image in my mind of standing before the Lord at a small doorway a stained and filthy tunic draped over my arms, I am offering my soul to Him asking Him to purify this broken image of himself.

Focus focus focus on Him, never let your eyes lose that focus. And if for a moment your attention is drawn away to something or someone else realise that no matter where you look you are looking at Jesus, see Him, in every other human being. See their souls are as much his as yours is, his passion was for everyone.

We are poor.

When I used to visit prisons you realise as you hear the stories of broken lives you are but one misstep away from joining them. Before the majesty of God we are all guilty. Ask for mercy and do not judge.


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