Sunday Musings

How I miss not being able to attend church at least on a Sunday. However that is now my housebound life so I just have to suck it up. Thank goodness for the way the Lord hearing my prayer led me to find what a joy filled blessing that has been I settled into one parish where I go daily. I read all about the parish and support them practically as well. All this in addition to the excellent care from my actual parish.

Many years ago now knowing I wasn’t getting better but worse I found the Lord was asking me to pray for others. Over the years since I have been asked to pray for particular people most of whom I don’t know. Every morning I bring them to the Lord in prayer. God having given this task has made good on the promise to bring those requests to me. It is a work I take very seriously.

Having discovered in the last few months Catholic Twitter I find I have a lot more general prayers to add to my list for intercession.

So to those who may happen upon this post or who read it via Twitter if you want specific prayer then please contact me with the request either by DM or leave a comment here.

After a week of heavy childcare it is over. Today or at least this afternoon I can relax and keep the sabbath day rest. Still shaken by a bad asthma attack yesterday – I know the cause though which helps! My eldest’s dog, a King Charles spaniel in need of a shave. Hopefully that will be sooner rather than later.

It must be decade now that I have been in remission from ulcerative colitis which has been a curse since 1975. I will write about this and how I achieved this remission in another post.