St Therese goes to Barlinnie

1 September 2019

The relics of Saint Therese of Lisieux which have been in Scotland since Thursday 29th of August, as part of a three-week tour of Scotland’s eight Catholic dioceses, will be taken to one of Scotland’s largest prisons on Monday 16th September. The relics will arrive at HMP Barlinnie at 2.00pm on the 16th September where Archbishop Philip Tartaglia will celebrate a Mass for staff and inmates.

Marie-Francoise-Therese Martin who is patroness of the Missions, the sick and prisoners entered the convent aged just fifteen and was canonised a saint in 1925 by Pope Pius XI. Many miracles of healing have been reported throughout the world, including Scotland, through her intercession.

Speaking ahead of the visit, Archbishop Philip Tartaglia said;

“Famously, as a girl of 14, St Therese prayed for the conversion of a convicted murderer, who, although he never admitted his guilt, at the last, kissed the figure of the crucified Jesus just before his execution. Later, when she wrote about this, St Therese took this to be a sign that her prayer had been answered and that the man had asked forgiveness of God. Because of that, it is recommended that her relics, should, if possible, be taken to a prison. Accordingly, when the relics come to Glasgow, their first stop will be Barlinnie Prison.”

“May St Therese’s prayers bring hope of forgiveness to prisoners and to all of us. May the visit of her holy relics to our country, our archdiocese and our city be an authentic time of grace, consolation and renewal for all who seek the presence of God.”