Hey Up A Political Post!

Not really just a worried patient. This whole no deal Brexit terrifies me on a human level but I will leave it all in the hands of the Lord, so it will be as it should be. I trust.

Anyway I take a lot of medication I take it for pain, depression, diabetes, asthma and more. So what about my insulin it’s made in the EU and not in the UK, will my insulin disappear, probably! Can it be stock piled, no it can’t? Sigh, loss of any of these medications will be a major desperate problem for me.

Do I respect the referendum, only if we ask again to confirm!

Politics and religion tend not to mix too well in my opinion which is why although having a had a passion for politics for more than fifty years I am not and never will be a member of a political party as that endangers in my opinion the safety of my soul. However that doesn’t mean I am not absolutely fascinated by the Political process and love watching BBC Parliament. It’s a hobby, I love the whole process.

I think I can safely say ( I think ) that voting to leave the EU which was created out of Catholic thought (just look at the EU flag the twelve stars on a blue background / Mary?) is not in accord with the social teaching of the Church. I can’t understand the Catholic politicians who take the opposite view. None have explained it satisfactorily. Anne Widdecombe tried in the Catholic Herald but I found it unconvincing to say the least.

Ah well I’m glad to get it off my chest, sorry!