Catholic Twitter

What a joy it is to share on #CatholicTwitter as a housebound (for the most part) person and the only catholic convert in my family it is proving a great blessing. So often posters say to me “Welcome Home”! That’s exactly how I feel after spending decades in the unsatisfying desert of Protestantism where I always felt ill at ease even as clergyman. How great and good God is to us all.

From Catholic Twitter I have received this morning some of the prayer cards from St Theresa’s visit to Cardin. A rosary is also promised from another user. What kindness.

These small acts make me rejoice in my isolation.

Following on from my last post the insulin dose keeps going up every fourth day but my BG readings are still far too high. Sigh. More health problems have emerged just what I don’t need. Have to have an ECG on Thursday to check the electrical activity of my heart (prolonged QT interval for those in the know). I expect it will be ok. I think my racing thumping heart that batters around my rib cafe is a side effect issue of one of the many drugs I have to take for my chronic conditions. It is very distracting as I am constantly aware of it. It makes contemplative prayer very very hard. If the ECG is ok I will get beta blockers, I hope, to bring it down from 125+ to my normal 60.

Already been hospitalised for this three years ago my brother has a similar arrhythmia. As I said to my Dr yesterday I will live with it if caused by a particular drug I am taking as it is the first drug in twenty years to touch my depressive disorder and remove the black thoughts of suicide. Other drugs have helped but the best they did was lock the thoughts in a Safe, this ancient drug has taken away the Safe itself, if that makes sense.

If you have any prayers to spare don’t ask about me but about Autism as this is having a huge impact on our family life. One of my Grandson’s (bright as a button) has it, my heart is heavy for him and his parents and siblings. Plans for special support are now being put in place. But life is hard for him, for us as well.Those who know will understand the spectrum and the violence as well. Pray for them not me I am at end of life he is just beginning.

Till the next time.