A Diary Type Update

Aargh! Too many things I want to talk about. I can’t talk about them all. It would take way too long. This has led to a brain freeze as everything struggles to claim my attention.

I know I’ll tell you what’s bugging me! The first thing that troubles me is the current state of British Politics. I am a passionate follower of all things in the Palace of Westminster, I just love it all. I have been following politics since the 1960s so it has been a long long interest of mine but never has it been such a mess, enough, I could write about it and express my opinion till the grim reaper arrived.

I gave up Facebook earlier this year and don’t miss it, I deleted my account and I won’t resurrect it. I also ceased the use of Twitter under my existing name and started a new account. This started with me following various political things and then I discovered to my unadulterated joy #CatholicTwitter. With a determination to block everything I found distasteful I have discovered great goodness and much prayer and my daily prayers for others has expanded greatly, I love it. It’s good for my soul, food for my soul and being housebound helps me to feel connected to the wider Church, judicious use makes it a fruitful vine.

My Catholic Herald failed to arrive electronically this weekend. I think I am growing weary of reading it as many articles seem unhelpful to spiritual unity and growth. I prefer the Universe as I grow more spiritually reading it, I wonder if anyone has any views on it?

I guess I am not going to be writing about making a visible Catholic Home as I had planned this week.

What else? I discovered that EWTN Radio for Britain and Ireland is listenable to, unlike the US TV version we get on Sky which honestly make me cringe. On personal note progress with insulin is slow. Still not getting good results. On Tuesday I will be on 20 units of Humalin 1 a day. Who knows yet what dose will be required.

St Therese’s Relics left my diocese today and I am so sad I am not well enough to have venerated then personally. She has meant a lot to me and ask her intercession every day.

More soon, I promise.