Sparkling Diamonds of Wisdom

“I urge you to ask the question: ‘How will I respond if I am forced to choose between my conscience and my livelihood?’” Archbishop Samuel Aquila of Denver says we need to prepare for tough times.


To get us started with prayer, Cardinal Hume tells us to “remember you are trying to get in touch with a Person, and that Person is God – Father, Son or Holy Spirit. He is wanting to get in touch with you.” Furthermore, he said, “always think of God as your lover.


Padre Pio

“Walk cheerfully and with a sincere and open heart as much as you can, and when you cannot always maintain this holy joy ……. at least do not lose your trust in God!”


The Lutheran pastor and humorist Hans Fiene recently remarked “the most obnoxious Protestants in the world are liberal boomer Catholics.”


C.S. Lewis

“It does not matter how small the sins are provided that their cumulative effect is to edge one away from the light and out into the nothing.”


“Go to a cemetery and see if you can discern among them who has been rich and who has been poor” St. Ambrose of Milan


Suffering is the very best gift He has to give us. He gives it only to His chosen friends. (St Therese of Lisieux)

I have been collecting bits and pieces online from a multitude of sources. I thought I could share them in the hope they inspire you.