Anxiety is high

This morning I have started on Insulin. I must confess to be more than a little on edge. At least it shouldn’t have any side effects. I woke up really early to take it and that hasn’t helped. I take badly to very nag knocked out of my carefully crafted routine that allows me to make it through the day.

The teachers are back today but not the children they go back on Thursday. We have children to look after all day. One is autistic albeit high functioning and very intelligent but loving him dearly it is still a thought. My heart bleeds for him trapped in this strange world and for the effect it has in his siblings. It will be a tough day.

See I knew if wrote down what I was feeling I would get a release from the anxiety. It has always been like this and always writing it down has been a help.

Now I need to spiritually have my breakfast. The Office of Readings awaits.