In need of a laugh?

I have mixed feelings about reviews in general. Johnny English : Strikes Again was rated two stars by the Radio Times and I read a review slating it. Caveat there was a five star review for Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri starring one of my favourite actresses Frances McDormand which I found tedious and couldn’t bring myself to review. Like the Booker Prize few winners are actually popular for those of us who are the real consumers. I should state that I am no great fan of anything by Rowan Atkinson but last Saturday night I needed some light relief and a film that could wash over me and possibly lull me to sleep after a horrendous week suffering  a bad reaction to medication.

So it started like any old Bond movie with Rowan Atkinson up to silly things as a teacher at a boarding school, a crisis erupts and he is called into action as an agent of MI7. We have all the usual tropes, exploding pens, fast cars, chases, magical foreign locations. What took me completely by surprise was my first involuntary belly laugh. They continued to come, I found it tremendously funny as did my wife. I can’t remember the last time I laughed out loud at anything on the TV. It was an utter joy, catching me by surprise with perfect comic timing.

So my best advice it ignore reviews and make your own mind up about all films. I have to give this five stars. It is current,y showing on Sky Cinema.

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