What to watch on TV this Summer

A summer full of sport and the end of all seasons of my favourite shows leaves a bit of a desert for viewers like me who have zero interest in Sport. However I did some digging around for something to fill the vacuum.

First I found the new season Stranger Things on Netflix. This is the third series and while the cast are excellent as always the script and story line seem lacking in sparkle and too derivative for my taste with nods to Alien and every Stephen King novel. Still worth watching though and I do like Winona Ryder.

On Alibi both broadcast weekly and all episodes available to stream is the truly excellent story of Waco. It’s nice to see Melissa Benoist (Supergirl) in another role. It tells the true story of a siege that took place in the US. The government agencies come out of this story very badly as they did at the time. David Koresh’s cult was bizarrely weird but probably did not need to be confronted by machine guns and tanks, it is a terribly sad story. I remember this tragedy unfolding at the time.

Then there is a new season of the quirky and offbeat comedy People of Earth on Fox. It is about an Alien Abduction support group and some weird aliens as well. It is one of those shows that will either make you chuckle or leave you cold. I find it hilarious but it leaves my wife cold, perhaps an acquired taste, I don’t know. Well worth watching for some light humour.

Lastly but for me far from the  least is Prom Season a glorious two months of fabulous music on BBC 2, BBC 4 and every day on Radio 3. The opening night this year was absolutely stunning, the opening newly commissioned work about the moon landing was breath taking including some unusual uses for paper bags, tuning instruments for harps and an empty milk bottle. Go on give it a go on the iPlayer. The second half is a fabulous performance of Janacek’s Glagolitic Mass.

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