Dragon Breath Kissing

I write this on an iPad an index finger away from my left eye. I am left handed so I am holding it in my right hand which is the side of my body that is weak because of neuropathy. It gets very heavy and very painful doing it this way. Still I must write I have had the compulsion to write since I was eight years old. Without writing life is strange, something missing. Fortunately my entire working life (ended when I was 47) had allowed me to write and study. Even the last twenty years have been full of writing. I’m not going to list all that I do and have done that would be boring and self serving. However that’s not what I wanted to write about today.

Things that annoy me. These are trivial but I do  object looking for Jazz Music on Amazon Music and finding The Rolling Stones listed. Trivial things like that. Lazy curating. Today The Times annoyed me by publishing a story about the Church of Scotland that talked about priests and showing a clergyman wearing Anglican robes. The Church Of Scotland is Presbyterian and has Ministers. It is the lack of even basic knowledge about institutions that troubles me. The Home Office also appears to employ several idiots. I read a story where they were questioning the authenticity of an immigrant’s claim to be a Christian. Asked to name the Father of Jesus he correctly replied he had no earthly Father, he was rebuked and told that he was wrong and that his Father was Joseph. If Jesus’ Father was Joseph then I have wasted my life following the Son Of God.

Oh that got a bit serious, sorry! It is the lack of basic knowledge that appears in our society that troubles me. On a trivial aside frequently we see on films and TV someone shutting a door and then leaning against to convey relief, shock, fear or another emotion. Have you ever done that? Ever? And why can’t they at least put a few bricks in the obviously empty suitcase? Or coffee in the cup? Or say goodbye when hanging up the telephone? 

I think I am tired and grumpy today because I didn’t sleep well and my body aches.

Ok one last gripe who wants to french kiss first thing in the morning? What about dragon breath? Messed up hair? It never happens! That Is So Annoying. 🧐

Grumpy Augustine x

Black and white photo of camels
Old Photo of the Day

2 thoughts on “Dragon Breath Kissing

  1. Good that your annoyances are intellectually based and not petty, like my misophonia. Seriously, would it not be grand, if, in this day of practically all information at one’s fingertip – and free – more would pursue getting things right. I pray that this first day of summer is a good one for you.

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