Every Thursday New Post@10am

What is this Blog about? Well obviously about old age, living with disabilities and my other thoughts and feelings.

My health will not allow me to post more than once a week although I may occasionally post a little extra from time to time as the spirit moves me. There might be the odd photograph particularly of my faithful old dog, Millie and my delightful cat Oscar.

I am fascinated by Politics and Technology so I might also occasionally blog about these subjects. I do blog elsewhere for Sky, reviewing Films and TV shows on Sky, the BBC and Netflix. You can find these reviews on the Sky Community Forums.

I have been married since 1973 and have three middle aged daughters and currently seven Grandchildren. Note currently! Who knows? We all live close together one daughter is 210 yards away and she isn’t the closest!

Somewhere around 1971 I became a Christian. After a short teaching career I became a Clergyman until ill health stopped me dead in my tracks in 1999. Some six or so years ago I converted to Catholicism. Here I found my true home at last. As one Priest said, the Catholic Church may be absolutely awful but it is the real deal. So my views on all issues are guided by Church teaching which I know puts me at odds with modern British society on many issues.

But our faith is governed by love and mercy. It is obvious that God is going to feature in these posts off and on. It is the bedrock of my whole life and being.

I love comments and I can when able happily engage in email conversations to answer questions or provide help.

Anyway that’s enough from me for just now.

Augustine x

A Photo of Millie