Dying will be the easy part

Not again! I’m old, I gave this all up, but here I am drawn back again to blogging. Why? A deep need to communicate, a compulsion to write I can’t resist. So again I venture forth. It must be nearly twenty years since I first blogged. Sigh. It’s so much harder now I am disabled and losing my sight. I really ought not to do this so don’t read this, please. That will teach me a lesson!

So let’s get the introductions out of the way. I am a pensioner. A Grandfather. Husband. A Catholic. That should be enough to put you off right away! Sometimes my mind works, sometimes it doesn’t. I suffer from multiple ailments, none can be cured, they can sort of be managed by pills and things but what keeps me locked down and hidden away from the world is a major depressive illness that has been a constant for twenty years. I’ve given up trying to explain it to anyone. In fact I have given explaining anything to anyone, I don’t really want to talk about it anymore. This is it, till kindly death knocks on my door and I embrace that unavoidable demise and departure from this world.

Can I write anything of interest? Probably not. I love my audio books. I love reading about politics. I love a good film. I can talk about my faith. I can talk about TV. But with my mental state and lack of enthusiasm I need a starting point. I need a question, a comment, a deadline. I have met lots of interesting people over the course of my life from The Queen to now elderly rock stars to well known authors. So who, where when etc is the beginning. I could write about benefits but they have been the bane of my life and having just finally been given an ongoing PIP award that battle and worry is over.

I started online in pre internet days in 1983. That seems like yesterday but also a very very long time ago and a very different world. We lived on a Hebridean island then. I learned many strange and wonderful things then in that long ago world.

It’s a start.

Augustine x

I have to thank these two lovely girls for inspiring me to start blogging again.




Black and white of an old man and his wife with a laden donkey with baskets hanging over it. This a rough unhewn road or track. The man leans on a walking stick. She has a headscarf he a cap.Looks like they might be crofters probably islanders from well over a hundred years ago.
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